Editorial Review Services

We provide a wide array of services to support scholarly communications including promotions and advocacy as well as scholarly manuscript editorial review and publication review services for individuals and institutions. Serious inquiries may be sent by email to John.Hagen@Renaissance-Scholar.com.

Editorial review and promotion services

Professional editorial review and promotion services for graduate students and faculty include:
  • Electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) format review
    • Basic document format review and clean up to meet WVU or other school format requirements
      • Rate: $30
  • Editorial review and copy editing services Extensive professional editing and proofreading services available via our trusted network of expert PhD-level professional reviewers
    • Thesis & dissertation / manuscript / journal article / publication review - editorial and copy editing services for graduate students & faculty
      • Our rate begins from $5 a page and can go up based on the level of work needed.
      • We will do the first five pages for free to ascertain the level of work needed.
  • Biography, curriculum vitae (CV), resume service / Professional portfolio and Web site design and development
    • Biography, curriculum vitae (CV), resume development
      • Rate: $50
    • Professional portfolio development
      • Rate: $100 and up
    • Web site review, analysis & consultation services
      • Rate: $500
    • Web site design and development
      • Rate: $1,000 and up
  • ETD Review Temp Service for Institutions
    • Need someone to fill in during ETD review crunch time as a temporary assistant, backup or emergency vacancy?
    • We offer competitive contract rates starting at $25.00/hour.

Avoid the last minute stress, save time and money. Our editorial review services are top notch. Serious inquiries may be sent by email.